All About Ammaranth

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Ammaranth is an author of original and fan fiction that is inspired by anime, manga, and video games as well as fantasy and science fiction.

Currently Watching: My Roommate Is A Cat, Hyouka, Chunibyo, Date A Live

Recent Watchlist:  Hundred, MMO Junkie

Currently Reading: Suggest something!

Currently Playing: Monster Hunter, Degrees of Separation, Project Diva

Favorite Series:  Too many to count, but a short list would be Fate Stay Night, Inuyasha, Love Hina, Sword Girls, and Strike Witches

Interests:  anime, manga, light novels, video games, jeet kune do, vocaloids

Current Projects:  I’m finishing up a Fate/Stay Night fanfic I hope to be posting soon.  I also have a novel based on the Korean collectible card game “Sword Girls” and an original romantic comedy novella set in an anime inspired historical japanese setting I’d like to find homes for.

Dream Projects:  I’d love to do something set in the world of Strike Witches – I feel like there are more stories to tell with Mio, Minne, Trudy, Erika, and the other girls of the 501st.  Also something with Castlevania.


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Facebook:  @ammaranthus